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The Fiat Panda is designed in several generations, with the second generation being developed in 2003. For this second generation, you can also contact us for the car mats Fiat Panda 2003-2012. The second generation Mk3) Panda, codenamed Model 169, debuted in 2003, with almost no direct technical link to the first generation. Until July 31, 2003, the vehicle name was Fiat Gingo." After a request from Renault because Gingo was too similar to the name of its own small car, the Twingo, Fiat finally changed the name of its city car. In 2004, the second-generation Panda was awarded the Compasso d'Oro award for industrial design. The second generation Mk3) replaced the old Panda after 23 years of production. Like the smaller Fiat Seicento, the Panda was produced only in Tychy, Poland, by Fiat Auto Poland. The highly built Panda derives its style from mini MPVs and mini SUVs, particularly the second-generation Fiat Multipla. The Panda won the award of European Car of the Year in 2004. Would you like to give the car mats as a gift"""
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