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The Fiat Barchetta falls under the Roadster segment. This means that the car consists of a two-seater and has no fixed roof. Also, the side windows are not obvious for this car. The car mats Fiat Barchetta are custom made at our company. The Barchetta was designed by Andreas Zapatinas and Alessandro Cavazza, under the supervision of Peter Barrett Davis and other car designers at the Centro Stile Fiat, and prototypes were made by Stola. Production began in February 1995 and lasted until June 2005, with a brief pause, due to the bankruptcy of coachbuilder Maggiora.[1] The Barchetta was based on the chassis of the Mark 1 Fiat Punto, but with shortened wheelbase. The Barchetta had a 1,747 cc DOHC gasoline engine with variable valve timing. The car mats Fiat Barchetta come as a set of two car mats. It is possible to put together the amount of mats yourself. For example, you can choose to order an extra mat in addition to the mat set. If you are not looking for a whole mat set, but want just the driver mat or the passenger mat
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